Slave Forced To Sniff Her Sweaty Ass

Mistress hovered over her slaves covered head as he was forced to lick her pussy and sniff her ass. If he messed up or didn’t pleasure her enough, she would bury her ass into his face to halt his breathing. The slave complied though, and behaved nicely. Do you think he enjoyed being forced to sniff her sweaty ass?

4 thoughts on “Slave Forced To Sniff Her Sweaty Ass

  1. A esa muñeca no solo le huelo el ano sino también se lo mamo; y si Ella quiere, se puede orinar en mi boca y con gusto le limpio la colita con mi lengua, se me antoja también probar sus heces. Además se puede sentar en mi cara las veces y el tiempo que quiera.

  2. she is a beautiful and dominatrix mistress. she is a perfect mistress. i should lick and serve her. send me more videos and cammands.

  3. How could any true sub not crave to sniff, inhale & clean her “sweaty, seasoned” ass?

    Some of us crave a woman use her “seasoned” parts against us!

    Wake me out of a sound sleep to clean that ass! “YES!”

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