Pet Dog Is Served While Schoolgirls Study And Snack

Pet dog is served water while schoolgirls study for their class. They enjoy delicious snacks and sodas, but he is forced to the ground like the dog he is. What he doesn’t know is that they have plans for him after their study session is over. How do you think he feels surrounded by spoiled and giggling schoolgirls that are humiliating him?

5 thoughts on “Pet Dog Is Served While Schoolgirls Study And Snack

  1. I think young godesses should use this pseudo-man for earning some money…

    I mean … a glass of pee 10 euros .

    So those girls have a way of paying their costs, just by peeing ( of course 1-2-3 stupids that pay 10e for drink pee are needed ).

  2. God I wish I was him. Maybe they could all invite their boyfriends over and make me suck them off while they watch.

  3. I always enjoy younger dommes who enjoy humiliating men. Alot more intense when theyare 18+ younger dommes. They seem to enjoy the humiliation aspect more. Makes for an intense and interesting session.

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