Mistress Stuffs Her Slave Into Her Trunk

This dirty Mistress is stuffing her slave into her trunk for a long ride to the middle of nowhere. His pathetic body will be bound and gagged as they drive along a highway. He won’t know where they are going or where they will end up, but she is in control and he accepts it. What do you think she will do to him once they get to the destination she has chosen?

One thought on “Mistress Stuffs Her Slave Into Her Trunk

  1. The final is to be looking at the sky and then a rounded ass pooping in my mouth. Then another sexy girl SMILINNG put her ass over my face and pop … with still my mouth fully … so pop cover all your face.

    She smiles and wait for me to eat what I´m still eating.. she smiles couse have a spoon for introducing in my my mouth what now cover may face.

    Another five bitches are smiling satisfied because are gonna get 20 euros just by pooping into the mouth of a stupid.

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