Forced Ass Worship

This teacher exploits her student, blackmails him for the marks and make him turn into her ass licking slave. The teacher is standing with her ass out, holds the hair of her slave sitting on the ground and pushes his face to her ass so that he can lick it clean. And yes, this teacher is so gorgeous.

Forced Ass Worship

9 thoughts on “Forced Ass Worship

  1. I would lick this girls ass till SHE begged ME to stop. I would push my tongue inside her asshole and lick the inside of her ass, till she gave a squeal of delight. I would also lick her pussy and feet for aslong as she would like.

  2. The role-playing teacher is absolutely edible. I don’t know about the foot thing, but I could definitely kiss her for 1/2 hour or more; followed by suckling at each of her breasts; followed by french-kissing her beautiful ass for at least 1/2 hour; followed by suckling on her clit and labia, and up and down slow motion inserting my nose inside her sweet vagina and stroking up to finish with my tongue and down again until she came. Followed by her straddling me and I have my turn: Sweet desert. I have found that women that have either had a hysterectomy or have passed menopause are the SWEETEST TASTING of all. It must have something to do with their PH levels after they stop menstruating.

  3. I would love to be that guy and clean that girls ass crack dry. Mhmm that would taste so good right now

  4. first id have her finger her own ass and then id lick her fingers and then id turn her over and tongue fuck her ass until he screams. then i’d suck on her toes, work my way down her legs, kiss her asscheeks and french kiss her pussy

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