Russian Mistress Binds Her Slave For Her Pleasure

This Russian Mistress prepares her slave in his ropes and chains for a long day for torture and humiliation. She looks at him with lust as he cowers before her, anticipating her next move and the day ahead of them. What do you think he has in store for him today?


Two Mistresses Whip And Ride Pony Boy Slave

This pathetic pony boy is forced to be ridden by a Mistress as another whips his bare ass with a cat-o-nine tails. He knows if he drops his precious Mistress, the whipping will be that much worse. Do you think he can manage to keep her on his back?

Boot Licking Taken To A New Extreme

This slave misbehaved by talking back, so now he is forced to lick his Mistresses boots clean as she shoves her dirty heel into his aching mouth. She is completely unconcerned with his pain or discomfort, in fact, she would prefer it if she bruised his pathetic mouth as she carelessly moves her heel into his mouth. Don’t you think he should keep his mouth shut next time?

Strength Training Session Turned Kinky

If you thought your personal trainer was tough, wait until you see this Russian Mistress putting her slave through a strength session. Forced to perform pushups with her heels in his back, this slave gets a lesson in what it takes to be truly strong. If he falls onto his knees, he is swiftly punished by his Mistress. How many lashings do you think he should get for messing up?

Spiked Heel Meets Tongue

If you think tongue piercings are painful, what about being forced to endure trampling of a sharp and dirty heel on your sensitive tongue? This slave was forced to extend his tongue onto the table for his Russian Mistress to step on. Pulling back would result in a potential damage to the tongue. He had to maintain his posture or else. Do you think he did performed well?

Slave Boy Anticipates His Mistress’ Next Move

The riding crop was on the couch, her heels were pointed and ready, and her position indicated something sinister as she stood over his trembling body. Like a good slave, he knew to hold his mouth open and keep his neck straight. Do you think the Mistress will piss into his mouth, or do something far worse?

Slave Forced To Sniff Her Sweaty Ass

Mistress hovered over her slaves covered head as he was forced to lick her pussy and sniff her ass. If he messed up or didn’t pleasure her enough, she would bury her ass into his face to halt his breathing. The slave complied though, and behaved nicely. Do you think he enjoyed being forced to sniff her sweaty ass?

Pony Boy Gets A Lesson In Service

The Mistress binds her slave in leather cuffs and a collar to teach him to endure pain and discomfort. He must learn to hold his position as a good pony boy, and he must also learn to contort and force his mouth open for long periods of time. Do you think this slave is learning quickly enough?


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