Young Dommes Stand On Human Carpet For Wrestling Match

This hot young Domme wrestlers stand on their human carpets as they prepare for their wrestling match. Their hands are tied behind their backs, and they know that moving would result in extreme punishment. But the pain of holding up two strong women is a task! Do you think they will suffer through the match without moving and throwing off the Dommes balance?

Princess Kali Enjoys Her New Christmas Present With Her Slave

Princess Kali’s servant elf is forced to suck her strap-on cock to show his appreciation for her Christmas gifts this year. Her gorgeous outfit says it all, and his ugly face is hidden by a mask. He knows his place, and that is to be her obedient little service elf. Don’t you think he needs to be deep throating that strap-on?

Princess Kali Rides Her Pony Boy On The Beach

The gorgeous Princess Kali rides her pathetic pony boy on the beach with her crop in hand. He knows if he takes a wrong step or drops her, he will be punished. He feels the pull of the bit in his mouth and understands that he must endure the pressure of her weight. They stop for a scenic photo so she can show off her pony. Wouldn’t you love to be Kali’s pony boy?

Tiny Mistress Steps On Slaves Head With Her Full Weight

While exploring an abandoned building, this tiny Mistress gets annoyed with her man slave and forces him to the ground. She removes her heels and steps on his face with her dirty and sweaty feet. It’s amazing how his head can support her full 90 pounds of weight. Do you think you could withstand her standing on your face as it smashes into the cement?

Young Mistress In Fishnets Whips Her Bound Slave

This young Mistress means business. Her pathetic slave deserves all of the public humiliation he can get. His back is bleeding from the whip marks she inflicted upon him. His whole body will be marked with her wrath! She isn’t pleased, and you can tell by the disgusted look on her face. Do you think her slave will learn his lesson?

Sexy Young Domme Puts Her Ass On Her BoyToy’s Face

This Mistress is enjoying her boytoy’s discomfort. He is smashed into the dirt as she buries her ass and crotch into his face after a long hike up to the camping grounds. Both of them know that someone could show up at anytime while she is making him perform on her. Do you think that someone will come into the camping area?

Young Domme Uses Her Human Ashtray To Save The Beach

This young and sexy Domme uses her human ashtray to put out her cigarettes instead of littering the beach. He has to lay in the hot sand and sun while she sits on top of him so she doesn’t get dirty. When she decides it’s time to put out her cigarette, he is forced to let her do it on his worthless tongue. Ouch! Do you think his tongue is full of burn marks?

Princess Kali Smokes A Cig While She Sits On Her Human Pony

Princess Kali loves smoking, and more than that she loves to ride or sit on her human pony wrapped in latex. She makes sure his ugly face is hidden so that he is fully dehumanized as she publicly humiliates him. Any passersby can see this poor man on his hands and knees doing her bidding. Do you think she will put the cigarette out in his mouth too?

Princess Kali Canes Her Student In Front Of The Class

Princess Kali loves to teach, but there is always one stupid student that just doesn’t get it. She makes him bend over a desk and pull his pants and panties down as she canes his ass in front of the entire classroom. Of course, the other students know if they laugh at his pain, they will get punished too! Do you think he got the lesson after his caning?

Princess Kali Whips Her Slave

Princess Kali whips and flogs her slave as he tries to maintain his posture. A face mask stifles his moans as she reddens his ass for all to see. Of course, he isn’t permitted to wear socks or shoes. His feet need to feel the ice-cold cement floor as he takes his punishment. Do you think you could handle that kind of punishment?

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