Mistress Mina Takes Pleasure In Inflicting Pain

Mistress Mina takes advantage of her pony and his already aching body that has been beaten senseless. She digs her sharp spurs into his buttocks and thighs as she climbs on top of his sore and bruised backside. Her evil grin lets everyone know she has more in store for her poor pathetic slave. Do you think you could handle those sharp spurs?

Bitchy Mistress Sits On Her Slaves Face While On The Phone

She decided that she had better things to do, and talking to him was not one of those things. He was instructed to rest on the floor while she sat on his face with her full weight and heels digging into his thighs. He wasn’t even allowed to jack himself off! What do you think is a bigger punishment, being forced to listen to her talk for hours on the phone, or not being able to breathe properly while inhaling her scent?

Suspended Invertedly And Caned Brutally By Two Women

The dungeon Mistresses suspended this poor slave upside down while caning his delicate flesh. His mind raced with thoughts because he knew that flailing would result in worsened injury. Holding still was the hardest part as the cane tore into his skin. Do you think you could maintain this posture for two powerful Mistresses?

CyberPunk Queen Cums And Slave Doesn’t

My Queen makes me pleasure her while wearing a hood, and if I don’t do it good enough, she whips me on the back. But sometimes, she whips me regardless of my performance. I ache for release, but she rarely lets me. Tell my Queen what my next punishment should be.

His Pain Is Her Pleasure

He disobeyed her, and he knew that she had a punishment in store for him. She whipped his back red, and then she trampled all over it with her spiked stilettos. His pleading and pain meant nothing to her, she had to make sure he knew what he did wrong and that this was his punishment for being a pathetic sack of meat. Do you think this punishment is painful enough?

Slave Service Anytime

She likes to read Cosmo while her asshole is pleasured by her slave. She’s sure he is uncomfortable bending his neck for so long, but she enjoys his discomfort too much to care. Don’t you think he looks like he is enjoying himself too?

Filthy Slaves Get Dominatrix Training

Four hot Dommes are training their slaves on proper heel licking. They cower on the cold floor in anticipation, wondering if their mistress will step on their pathetic body with those sharp heels. Do you think they deserve this treatment?

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