Mistress Taunts Her Slave Under Her Desk

After a long day, Mistress taunts an teases her slave while he hides under her desk with his ass facing out. It’s embarrassing to know that anyone could walk in at any moment and see him like this. He doesn’t know whether or not his Mistress will fuck his ass forcibly or just continue to tease his pathetic body. What do you think her plans are?

Two Young Mistresses Whip Their Boy Toy

Two young mistresses whip their boy toy slave for misbehaving. He begs for mercy, but holds still as he receives his punishment. His cheeks are getting bruised as the girls threaten to break his skin. This is an intense whipping session that will surely teach him a lesson in behaving properly. Do you think they will make him bleed?

Schoolgirl Domme Wipes Her Heels On Her Carpet Slave

This Domme forces her carpet slave to lay on the floor before her so she can properly clean her heels after a long day at school. He knows if he moves even just an inch, he will have to suffer the consequences of a heel smashing into his skin or even being forced to lick the dirt from her shoes. Do you think he’s behaving well?

Class 5B [] Review :: School Femdom & Humiliation


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Type of Content

Ever wanted to get dominated and humiliated by school girls in skirts and tie? Well then this is your dream come true. It involves videos on a good variety of foot worship, spanking, humiliation, dog play, slapping, kicking, beating etc. And pictures are of 1200×1800 high resolution.

These girls are young and gorgeous. You’ll love them so much that you’ll get addicted to them no matter what they tell you to do!

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