Ass Worship

Tongue right on the asshole

Looks like the save is putting a lot of effort so that his tongue is right on her mistress’s asshole. Mistress is standing and spreading her ass cheeks; while the slave is down, obviously facing her gorgeous ass and feeling the warmth of her asshole with his tongue. Mistress looks very hot as well. Am so jealous!

Tongue on asshole
(Feel humiliated while licking ass)

Just Imagine

You come across a lady who is so hot, that your knees get weak in front of her. Your inner desires wake up, and you know that nothing in this world is more beautiful than to get humiliated by her and being forced to worship her. But, you just can’t admit it. However, being a dominative lady she is (you are lucky), she forces/blackmails you to worship her and lick her ass. You have no choice except to say “yes mam”. (But, inside you know that you are the luckiest man on this earth to be allowed to lick her ass.)

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Face buried in her ass

He is a judge and is blackmailed by this girl (as she had some of her private pictures). She humiliates him so much (am sure the judge enjoys from inside). He is turned into a complete slave and is willing to do anything her mistress demands. He is lying and the mistress sits on her face with her full weight without showing any signs of mercy. His face is buried in her ass, he must be loving the smell of her bottoms. I just love the look she gives while humiliating him. All I can say is WOW!

Face smothering
(Tons of mind blowing ass licking action)

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