Ass Worship

Sexy Young Domme Puts Her Ass On Her BoyToy’s Face

This Mistress is enjoying her boytoy’s discomfort. He is smashed into the dirt as she buries her ass and crotch into his face after a long hike up to the camping grounds. Both of them know that someone could show up at anytime while she is making him perform on her. Do you think that someone will come into the camping area?

Forced Ass Sniffing On Lady Natalia

Lady Natalia loves to force her slaves into a face mask and a facesitting session. Her slave loves to worship her sweaty ass after she’s had a long day of exercise and work. She makes sure to get him into the most uncomfortable position too, because he knows if he doesn’t perform he will be punished even more. Can you imagine his pleasurable discomfort?

30 Pictures Of Ass Worship Of This Bitchy Girl!

32 Pictures of Ass Worship/Licking/Kissing/Sniffing – Complete Love to Asshole

Praising the beautiful divine ass…

Burying face in the ass…

The beautiful goddess now removing her panty to show us her precious yummy asshole…

Licking and smelling the asshole… (I ABSOLUTELY love the smell of the assholes)

Now some facesitting action… (those ass cheeks look better than the 7 wonders of the world)

Kissing and loving the Mistress’s asshole… (the view of her asshole takes my breath away)

The Mistress makes him her dog and uses her panty as his leash collar…

Finally the Mistress gets comfortable on the toilet seating, while the slave lies under her ass, and cleans her properly…

20 Complete Ass Worship Pictures

1. The gorgeous mistress calls her slave from the closet and just points her ass (which is an indication to the loyal slave to start worship her ass).

2. The slave removes her jeans trying to cause as less trouble as he can to the mistress.

3. Now he completely removes the jeans and himself lifts her foot to save her any trouble (primary goal of his life).

4. He comes back to face her beautiful ass on his knees while she inspects a document.

5. Okay now she signals him to get started by pulling one ass cheek.

6. He embeds his face between her ass and starts to lick her asshole.

7. She bends down to spread her ass more so that he can thoroughly clean it.

8. Another angle of picture where he is 100% dedicated to clean her ass with his tongue. Note – how he ties his hands back like a loyal slave.

9. I think he now tries to get inside her ass – a perfect position.

10 & 11. He is now licking her full ass crack from bottom to top (for a complete cleaning).

12. The mistress now explains him how he should continue licking the ass.

13. The perfect position for a man’s face – so that he breathes between her divine asshole.

14. She asks him to get a chair so that she can place her foot on the chair and widespread her ass.

15 & 16 & 17 & 18. She holds her head and rubs his face to her ass, while the slave tries to lick all the dirt off the ass.

(wondering if his tongue is on the right part)

19. Another pose where he tries to push his tongue deep inside the asshole to get the inside taste.

20. Finally she had to laugh at the poor slave who feels so proud cleaning her dirty ass (from where she shits daily) with his tongue.

Ass Cleaning Pictures – Ultimate ASS WORSHIP

An awesome scene of ass worship, where the guy pleases the lady by cleaning her ass. He absolutely loves the smell of her asshole, and wipes his face on her ass to clean it. The mistress knows how to use his face and tongue to get her ass cleaned.

You should definitely see all of the above in VIDEO format by joining this site. This guy is amazing in offering her ass cleaning services to the ladies. I always see myself in the guy. 😉

Nothing is better than LICKING FULL ASS CRACK

Okay, it has been long since I posted any pics on this blog. I will try to devote more time to my “ass-worship/ass-licking” passion and be regular on this blog.Today, I am posting a few pictures of tremendous ass licking action. Nothing in this world can be comparable to the pleasure I get by licking the FULL ass crack of my Mistress – FROM BOTTOM TO TOP!

I hope you like these pictures.

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