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Princess Kali Gets A New Pony For Christmas

Princess Kali is a very happy girl this holiday season. She was given a brand-new pony, just like she always wanted as a kid, but much better! She rides her pony as he is forced to withstand her weight. An appropriate gag is in place to keep him in his place. Don’t you wish you could be ridden by Princess Kali?

Caged Sub Toy Licks Princess Kali’s Boots

This caged sub licks Kali’s boots clean as he is forced to stay inside his cold bars. It’s part of his duties to greet the Princess appropriately when she comes into the room. Kali thoroughly enjoys watching men worship her pretty feet in spiked boots. How would you like to lick her shiny boots clean for her?

Forced Ass Sniffing On Lady Natalia

Lady Natalia loves to force her slaves into a face mask and a facesitting session. Her slave loves to worship her sweaty ass after she’s had a long day of exercise and work. She makes sure to get him into the most uncomfortable position too, because he knows if he doesn’t perform he will be punished even more. Can you imagine his pleasurable discomfort?

Mistress Mya Delivers Pain And Torture To Her Slave

Mistress Mya is a sweet Asian Mistress that isn’t afraid to deliver pain where needed. Cock and ball torture is her specialty. It’s no surprise that she would choose to torture her slave with CBT. What do you think of her methods for torturing him? Could you endure that kind of pain for a hot Mistress like her?

Spoiled Princess Heel Stomps Construction Worker

This spoiled Princess is the daughter of a construction business owner. She visits the job regularly to check up on the pathetic men that work for her Daddy. She takes it upon herself to publicly humiliate any man she sees slacking off. This man is no exception, and he gets stomped by her stilettos as a punishment. How humiliated do you think he is to be punished by a young girl?


Mean Mistresses Punish Their Slave For Talking Back

Two mean Dommes kick their slave in training. He was talking out of place, and was ordered to the floor for a heel-trampling session. He was kicked around by the Mistresses for fun and giggles. Can’t you tell he’s in pain by the way he clutches his sides and grimaces in agony?

Two Young Mistresses Whip Their Boy Toy

Two young mistresses whip their boy toy slave for misbehaving. He begs for mercy, but holds still as he receives his punishment. His cheeks are getting bruised as the girls threaten to break his skin. This is an intense whipping session that will surely teach him a lesson in behaving properly. Do you think they will make him bleed?

Schoolgirl Domme Wipes Her Heels On Her Carpet Slave

This Domme forces her carpet slave to lay on the floor before her so she can properly clean her heels after a long day at school. He knows if he moves even just an inch, he will have to suffer the consequences of a heel smashing into his skin or even being forced to lick the dirt from her shoes. Do you think he’s behaving well?

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