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Mistress Bianca Spanks Her Sub Hard For Being Naughty

Mistress Bianca’s slave misbehaved while they were out shopping. So she paddled his bare ass with a body brush. He kept squirming so she grabbed ahold of his ponytail and yanked his head back to teach him a lesson in behaving properly. He clenched his ass cheeks together in resistance, but she didn’t let up. Don’t you think his ass was burning from that paddling?

Old Man Takes Abuse By Young Dommes

Two mean young Dommes deliver a whipping to an old man held in a compromising position. One wrong movement would result in him being choked uncomfortably by the chain around his neck. These giggling women know that he’s uncomfortable, and they take advantage of his discomfort by continuously whipping his back and ass. Do you think he can withstand the humiliation and pain?

Domme Helps Her Friend Get Used To Her Human Carpet

An experienced Domme helps her Domme friend get used to her human carpet so she can walk all over him properly. There’s a lot involved in taking care of a human carpet the right way, so they practice with his clothes on. Do you think he enjoys being the human carpet of these sexy ladies?


Two Sexy Dommes Torture Their Slave Curbside

The Alpha Female takes her Domme friend out for a ride with their shared slave. When the slave is misbehaving, they pull over and stomp his hands and body until he cries. These sexy women know how to torture a pathetic man slave. Can you imagine those heels digging into your hands that are resting on hot pavement?

Mistress Stuffs Her Slave Into Her Trunk

This dirty Mistress is stuffing her slave into her trunk for a long ride to the middle of nowhere. His pathetic body will be bound and gagged as they drive along a highway. He won’t know where they are going or where they will end up, but she is in control and he accepts it. What do you think she will do to him once they get to the destination she has chosen?

Domme Smacks Her Sub For Disobediance

This young Domme delivers her slap to her sub since he didn’t greet her properly. He has specific rules in place that demand he great her on his knees with his head bowed. He didn’t follow the rules, and he is in for punishment. Don’t you just love the mean look on her face and the shock and shame on his face?

Mistress Taunts Her Slave Under Her Desk

After a long day, Mistress taunts an teases her slave while he hides under her desk with his ass facing out. It’s embarrassing to know that anyone could walk in at any moment and see him like this. He doesn’t know whether or not his Mistress will fuck his ass forcibly or just continue to tease his pathetic body. What do you think her plans are?

Pet Dog Is Served While Schoolgirls Study And Snack

Pet dog is served water while schoolgirls study for their class. They enjoy delicious snacks and sodas, but he is forced to the ground like the dog he is. What he doesn’t know is that they have plans for him after their study session is over. How do you think he feels surrounded by spoiled and giggling schoolgirls that are humiliating him?

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