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A Slave’s Reward

This picture turned me on so badly I thought I’ll post it here for you guys to enjoy. On your Mistress’s panty which smell do you enjoy more – her ass or her pussy? For me, it has to be her ass. Vote below.

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Men In Pain [] Review


– 380+ Femdom movies, 230+ hours of video
– 72,000+ Femdom pictures

Type of Content

The name explains it very well – MEN IN PAIN. It has femdom hardcore content which is mostly about being men in pain. It has femdom content related to strapons, forced bisexuality, CBT and more.

This website belongs to family of websites that strives to provide high-quality femdom and kinky content to its viewers. If you have been looking for BDSM content, then you would have probably stumbled upon one of their sites. Men In Pain is top-notch film with quality production, scripts and actors. There are always plenty of equipment pieces used in the scenes. This creates a charged atmosphere that allows viewers and participants to enjoy the pleasures of pain. Men In Pain is unique in the sense that there are usually interviews after each scene. The couples discuss how the felt, what was really going on and it gives true insight into the world of domination. There’s always interaction between the consenting adults in these films aside from sexual interaction.

So if you are into HARDCORE femdom which involves pain, tools, ropes and stuff like that, this site is for you. NOT for light-hearted and softcore-femdom fans.

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Class 5B [] Review :: School Femdom & Humiliation


– Updates 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Type of Content

Ever wanted to get dominated and humiliated by school girls in skirts and tie? Well then this is your dream come true. It involves videos on a good variety of foot worship, spanking, humiliation, dog play, slapping, kicking, beating etc. And pictures are of 1200×1800 high resolution.

These girls are young and gorgeous. You’ll love them so much that you’ll get addicted to them no matter what they tell you to do!

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Mean Bitches [] Review


– Over 30,000 femdom pictures.
– Over 1000 femdom videos.

Type of Content

– I absolutely love their ass worship content. Their Mistresses are beautiful, true dominants and their whole style of making the videos is amazing!
– It also includes foot worship and many scenarios of female domination.

The camera work is great. You’ll clearly see many high quality scenes of ass worshiping where the camera zooms properly showing the slave licking, kissing (making love), sniffing the asshole. It is just WOW!

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Ideas for Keeping Femdom Classy

– The sexy professor.
– The naughty librarian.
– The role of a capricious moody hollywood diva bossing around her body guard or personal assistant.
– Just be “YOU”. Be comfortable and proud of being yourself. Love the real “YOU”.
– Bitch Boss
– Corrupt CEO
– Senior Law Firm Partner
– Madam President
– Savanna Matriarch
– Doctor
– FBI Special Agent
– World traveler who plays it cool at a bar for a cocktail or soda water and then at dinner. You can take it from there.
– You could be a fairy that is a Domme.

The English Mansion [] Review[medium].png


– Over 400 hours of fully downloadable movies.

Top Mistress
– Mistress Sidonia von Bork, Bath, UK.

Type of Content

– Wide variety of different settings and scenarios (clinic, dungeon, office, barracks, boudoir, etc).

Femdom comes to life with the English Mansion website. This site is one of the superior femdom site with their extraordinary volume of content. There are hundreds of hours of videos and thousands of photos to suit your needs. There are scenes done in clinics, dungeons, offices, barracks and bedrooms. There are scenes in every imaginable situation. The English Mansion is authentic and real with professional Dommes that are natural in providing the greatest domination experience for the submissive or slave. These women own their power, and they certainly know how to use it for the greater good – or not. These women are thrilling, beautiful, powerful and dangerous all at the same time. This is projected clearly in the videos and photos. English Mansion is a winner, and it is well worth the cost it is to join.

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Have you ever tried What do you think about it? Leave your review below.

30 Pictures Of Ass Worship Of This Bitchy Girl!

Are You Submissive to Women and Dominant to Men?

In that case, just try keeping your submission to relationships – if you only do it with women, and only women you are close to/comfortable with.

You are sexually submissive, and of course you aren’t that way with men. The point is, you shouldn’t be that way with women either unless they expressly consent to and ask for it and it’s appropriate. Treat friends as friends. Treat lovers like lovers.

If your everyday personality is submissive, either show it, or hide it in a gender neutral way if you feel you must hide it. Women do not like being treated differently from your other friends.

[Small Cock Humiliation] Is it humiliating if…

Is it humiliating if your Mistress laughs when you pull your pants down and stand there naked in front of me with your tiny cock just hanging there?

Is it humiliating if your Mistress asks – “Is it in yet?” (that’s if you even get close to being allowed to put it in)

Is it humiliating if your Mistress needs to squint to see it and it is fully erect?

Is it humiliating if your Mistress checks that the room temperature isn’t too cold and making shrinkage a factor?

Is it humiliating that even your Mistress’s smallest strap on dildo is bigger than you are?

Well is it? LOL

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