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Are You Submissive to Women and Dominant to Men?

In that case, just try keeping your submission to relationships – if you only do it with women, and only women you are close to/comfortable with.

You are sexually submissive, and of course you aren’t that way with men. The point is, you shouldn’t be that way with women either unless they expressly consent to and ask for it and it’s appropriate. Treat friends as friends. Treat lovers like lovers.

If your everyday personality is submissive, either show it, or hide it in a gender neutral way if you feel you must hide it. Women do not like being treated differently from your other friends.

[Small Cock Humiliation] Is it humiliating if…

Is it humiliating if your Mistress laughs when you pull your pants down and stand there naked in front of me with your tiny cock just hanging there?

Is it humiliating if your Mistress asks – “Is it in yet?” (that’s if you even get close to being allowed to put it in)

Is it humiliating if your Mistress needs to squint to see it and it is fully erect?

Is it humiliating if your Mistress checks that the room temperature isn’t too cold and making shrinkage a factor?

Is it humiliating that even your Mistress’s smallest strap on dildo is bigger than you are?

Well is it? LOL

How to dominate him over chat/skype?

Here are some ideas to dominate him online when any of you are traveling:

1. Force him to do things he wouldn’t normally do to himself. Surprise him and make him do it.
2. Have a normal chat, but have him keep his tongue out the entire time. You can also make him wear a leash collar.
3. Ask him to masturbate and drink his own cum on the webcam.
4. Make him type something really humiliating 10 times. No copy-pasting.
5. Ask him to be on his knees while chatting to you.

I’ll update more ideas to this blog post as they come to my mind. Do you have any other ideas? Please leave in the comment.

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