Monthly Archives: November 2007

Licking Feet of his Teacher

The poor student is blackmailed by his teacher for grades. Without wasting much time, the teacher puts her barefeet on the table, right in front of his face and asks him to lick them clean in order to get marks. The poor student has no choice but to obey what his teacher commanded him to do.

 Licking Teacher's Feet

(Watch the complete action here)

Tongue Going in Ass

Mistress is lying in this unique position with her ass facing the ceiling. Her boyfriend who is her slave now comes in like a little dog and without wasting even a single second, he comes near her ass and tries to push in his tongue inside her asshole. The mistress really enjoys her ass being licked.


Tongue Going In Ass


(Humiliation and Ass Licking at its Best)

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