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High heeled boots on the face

This so hot mistress is dressed in leather, making me feel like she is the ultimate goddess on this planet. The slave is on his fours on the floor. And, the goddess, is sitting on this desk wearing these high-heeled boots. She puts the bottom of her boot on the face of the slave. The curves of the boot is right on the middle of his forehead while the heel is just entering his mouth. WOW! I feel like worshiping this goddess all my life.

Boots on face
(See the full video how this gorgeous mistress humiliates her slave)

Human Dog Feeding

How it feels to be a human dog? This so beautiful mistress treats her slave like a real dog. She is on the chair with dog biscuits in her hand. The slave dog (with a leash collar around his neck) is obviously on the floor just like a dog. The mistress is feeding him just like she would feed a real dog. The slave needs to jump like a real dog and take the biscuit from her hand. For me, being a real dog to a beautiful lady is ultimate femdom humiliation for which I would do anything.

Human dog feeding
(See how it feels to be humiliated)

Tongue right on the asshole

Looks like the save is putting a lot of effort so that his tongue is right on her mistress’s asshole. Mistress is standing and spreading her ass cheeks; while the slave is down, obviously facing her gorgeous ass and feeling the warmth of her asshole with his tongue. Mistress looks very hot as well. Am so jealous!

Tongue on asshole
(Feel humiliated while licking ass)

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